Angels of Anaheim

New York experienced excellent pitching performance from Moose yesterday as Yankees played The Los Angeles Angels. I am curious: is not “The Los Angeles Angels” redundant? I am not speaking in Spanish well but believe “los” is “the” and “angeles” is “angels”. In Spanish broadcast do they say Los Los Angeles Angeles?

Where else would the Angels be of than Los Angeles? I hear they are of Anaheim. Is that not pepper? Why are not called Anaheim Peppers?

And why Angels wear red? Is that not color of devils? Or of peppers?


Yankees Win Too

Thankfully New York avoided sweep by beating Mets in final game of three game set, which was surprising since pitcher was not the best. The Yankees have won now two in a row after victory over hated Red Sox. Boston is best team in baseball and fans have been taunting. Yankees fans tend to despair when team is not playing well. Right now they are almost suicidal. Great victories over Mets and Red Sox have helped, however.

Diversions as Art

The Yankees are not looking very well. They are playing the Mets, also of New York. If New York loses today… wait. If Yankees lose today, they will be swept by Mets, meaning they have lost all three games against. This is not good.

I went to art museum this weekend and saw exhibition of some very good local art. There may be an art to baseball, too, like there is art to all diversions (games). Marcel Duchamp perceived relationship and quit his art career to study chess. He found chess positions beautiful, as do I. Baseball has positions, too, and not just like first and second base men. There are runners and fielders in certain configurations.


Hello, my name is Rosaliya.  I am twenty four year old art student from Russia.  I do not know much about baseball, but I like Yankees.  My friend took me to New York game.  I went to web site and found blogs, so I thought I would try one.  Hope you enjoy.