Angels of Anaheim

New York experienced excellent pitching performance from Moose yesterday as Yankees played The Los Angeles Angels. I am curious: is not “The Los Angeles Angels” redundant? I am not speaking in Spanish well but believe “los” is “the” and “angeles” is “angels”. In Spanish broadcast do they say Los Los Angeles Angeles?

Where else would the Angels be of than Los Angeles? I hear they are of Anaheim. Is that not pepper? Why are not called Anaheim Peppers?

And why Angels wear red? Is that not color of devils? Or of peppers?



  1. Steve

    Hello, welcome to MLBlogs!

    Yes, you’re correct. The team used to be the California Angels, then they changed to the Anaheim Angels. Currently, they’re the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I’m sure eventually they’ll become the Anaheim Peppers. Fits the red uniform, anyway.


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